Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Seahawk QB Dilemma

QB Shuffle - Left to Right: Flynn, Jackson, Wilson
In only three seasons, Pete Carroll has managed to take a team that had lost its passion for the game into a rudderless direction.  First, he fires his OC that he recruited out of USC just after one season even though they did make the playoffs and beat the defending Super Bowl champions, New Orleans Saints.  (Jeremy thanks you for the 16-game adjustment to the NFL.  It usually takes 2 years to adapt to the speed of the game.  Pete, you should know that considering you did get fired from two head coaching jobs in the NFL.)

He then on camera tells the press after the Saints' game that his number priority is resigning Matt Hasselback.  By the end of the summer, Matt departs via free agency because Carroll didn't even give Hasselback, a Seahawk icon, the courtesy of a face-to-face meeting to basically tell him that he's fired.

Then in the next season, he acquires Tarvaris Jackson (T-Jack) from Minneapolis, where he couldn't make a dent.  He's here just because your new OC, Darrelle Bevelle, knows T-Jack and he gets his system.  Well, knowing and playing well are too different things.  T-Jack led the Seahawks to a subpar performance with a QB rating of 79.2.  I do give him credit for playing with a pectoral muscle tear.  He showed grit and perhaps another chance to lead the team for 2012.

But here we go again.  Carroll signs Matt Flynn, Green Bay back-up sensation.  (Sound familiar.)  He then drafts Russell Wilson, the live arm and athletic QB from Wisconsin.  Oh, yeah, don't forget Charlie Whitehurst who did win the playoff clinching game in Pete's first year.  So, in the course of his third season, Carroll has managed to make the most important position in the game and turn into a try-out week after week.  Somehow, I don't believe that's a working system for successful teams in the NFL.  Typically, you establish pecking orders early on; so the team can rally around the starting QB.  Pete, Oregon State might be calling you.  Seahawk nation, prepare for QB bingo this season.

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